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Coaches Ministry

Our strategy for ministry in FCA is to minister to and through the coach. This is because we believe that the coach has one of the most influential voices in our culture today. The role of the coach is not only to lead the team in their sport, but also off the field as well. Frequently, the coach is also the primary parental figure in the lives of their athletes and sometimes they are the only caring adult. Despite this being true, coaches are often under appreciated and highly criticized for their work. Many times they are only judged by their win/loss record. We believe this needs to change.


In the words of Billy Graham,


"One coach will impact more young people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime."


FCA desires to support every coach and show them that they are appreciated and valued as they mold young men and women both in and out of their sports. The primary way we accomplish this is by engaging, equipping, and empowering every coach with the life-changing power of the Gospel. 


FCA wants to help you become the best coach you can be. We’re here to help you experience transformation and wholeness through Jesus so you can reflect Him to your athletes.


We call this being a 360 Coach

The 360 Coach Course

The 360 Coach Course may be the most powerful investment you’ve ever made into yourself, your relationships, and your coaching. Designed with 15 sessions and 90 minutes of video content, FCA wants to equip you in God’s Word by sharing the Bible’s clear direction for your life and coaching.


You’ll get a practical framework that helps you develop a Transformational Purpose Statement, unpacking your WHY and HOW of coaching. You’ll get training on how to access and form a strategy for taking care of your heart, mind and body. Get confidence. Get tools that teach you how to be a great coach. Get encouragement. You CAN reflect Jesus to your players and make a Kingdom impact on their lives. 

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