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We live in a world of constant comparison. Every day, we are bombarded by messages telling us we are not good enough, and as a result, too many young people are confused about their worth. Like you, we believe every young athlete is amazing in their own unique way. Every young athlete deserves to believe that about themselves, too.

Youth sports have never been just a game. From the moment we step into the game, sports begin training us for life. We learn perseverance in difficult times, humility through defeat, the joy of victory. We build camaraderie with teammates, respect our opponents, and look up to our coaches. Playing sports teaches us character, and when combined with the inner strength and self-worth we gain in the process, the transformation lasts forever.

FCA Basketball exists to help young athletes find their identity in the truth of God's word as they sharpen their skills and have fun playing the game. We nurture that self-confidence by creating an uncommon environment where we invest in each player individually, developing their athletic ability, instilling profound truth, and fostering connection so they can boldly give their all in everything they do.

Our coaches desire more than just developing an athlete’s skills on the field of play, they want to develop character and encourage spiritual growth. Their time is an opportunity to minister to athletes through sports. FCA Basketball will compete with excellence but will always be focused on the relationship between the athlete and the coach as primary. Ministering to the hearts of players and helping them grow in their faith in Jesus is why FCA Basketball exists. We will compete hard, but we will focus on more than wins and losses. We seek to develop players mentally, physically, and spiritually, helping them grow into complete athletes.

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